Services and Programs

Services and Programs

Purpose, Passion and Prosperity Coaching Programs

Are you ready to …

  • wake up every morning enthusiastic about living your purpose-full life
  • have a clear vision for your business and life
  • have a steady flow of clients
  • consistently make more money
  • learn how to think so you can double or triple your income
  • feel more confident and optimistic
  • make decisions quickly
  • make more accurate decisions
  • be self-expressed
  • ask for what you want
  • work collaboratively
  • take inspired results-driven action 
  • stretch beyond your comfort zone

Accelerate Your Purpose, Passion and Prosperity Individual Coaching Program

For those on a fast track to launch or expand their mission!

Program length – 6 months

Features include:

  • Hand Analysis Reading
  • VIP day
  • Weekly 45 minute coaching call
  • Priority email response within 24 hours during the week

Boost Your Purpose, Passion and Prosperity Individual Coaching Program

Program length – 6 months

Features include:

  • Hand Analysis Reading
  • Miracle of Money Program for anyone who didn’t take that already
  • 2 hour bonus call to review key principles from Miracle of Money for those who have
  • Weekly coaching call 45 minutes

Purpose, Passion and Prosperity Small Group Coaching Program

For individuals who want to:

  • Continue to implement the Miracle of Money™ Principles in your life
  • Develop a clear vision for your business and life
  • Have more impact and influence
  • Increase your flow of clients
  • Improve your relationships
  • Develop your confidence

Features include:

  • 6 month program
  • Weekly group call with equal time for each participant
  • Laser coaching on your current issues
  • Group support and community focused on achieving individual goals
  • Limit 5 members
  • 20% off your purchase of either a hand analysis reading or a Miracle of Money program

Purpose, Passion and Prosperity VIP Day

Are you feeling frustrated, a little bored and tired of your career? Are you counting off the years until retirement? Are you good at what you do but find it isn’t fulfilling anymore?

The Purpose, Passion and Profit VIP Day can inspire and motivate you to change that!

The Purpose, Passion and Profit VIP Day will start you on your way.

You will uncover your life purpose, the one your soul intended for you before you were born. You’ll also learn what your unique stumbling block to success is. You will have a blueprint you can use to guide your career direction so your work is fulfilling and satisfying.

You will discover how to think to create the income you desire. Plus you’ll have a clear process to use when making decisions that will guide you to make decisions more quickly and accurately.

Your Purpose, Passion and Profit VIP Day will give you the confidence and optimism to implement your blueprint and change your work from dreary to inspiring.

Miracle of Money 6 week Program

David Neagle’s Miracle of Money Program is designed to help you uncover your limiting beliefs about money and change those for ones that do work. In this program you will

  • Learn how your beliefs about money are creating your results and circumstances with money.
  • Examine your fears about money and create new beliefs that will give you the success you desire.
  • Discover how to apply universal laws to positively affect your income.
  • Learn how to ask for what you need.
  • Understand how to see money as a miracle and not a curse.
  • Learn how to determine which opportunities are the best to take.
  • Determine when and how to raise your prices.
  • Learn what you have to release in order to realize your goals and dreams.

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Your Million Dollar Mission 1-Day Intensive


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