Hand Analysis – Life Purpose Readings

Are you feeling stuck? Bored? Unfulfilled?

Do you have a sense that there must be more to life, but you’re not sure what it is?

Are you working at a job you’ve outgrown but you aren’t sure what else you could do?

Are you struggling with a persistent challenge that holds you back from being all you can be?

Your hands hold the key to the puzzle.

Yes, your hands hold your map to a life of purpose, passion and possibility!

Imagine how much easier life would be if you knew, without a doubt, your life purpose and the blocks that keep you from embracing it.

Imagine steering your own gliding ship from the essence of your innate purpose rather than pushing to make things happen or living someone else’s idea of who you should or could be.

The answers are in your hands!

Most people go through life completely unaware that they hold the keys to their success literally in the palm of their hands! Your fingerprints are your life’s blueprints. They hold the keys that can unlock the mysteries of who you really are. If you truly wish to understand yourself and your Life Purpose, you can find the answers in your hands.

Hand analysis is a non-predictive system that identifies your Life Purpose and other key information about yourself. It gives you a blueprint you can use to design a life filled with purpose and passion.

Benefits of a Hand Analysis include:

  • discovering your true life purpose
  • understanding why you struggle with certain things by uncovering your life lesson
  • getting clear direction of what you could do to ease your struggle
  • learning more about the gifts/special talents you have and how to use them for yourself and to help others

“To have your hands read is to stare deep into the truth mirror and to stand revealed before your very eyes. A hand reading shows you who you are today and who you can be at your very best.”
- Richard Unger, Director of International Institute of Hand Analysis

The information in your personal blueprint will give you a map to follow which provides:

  • directions
  • validation of your essential self
  • and answers to some of your most challenging questions

When you have choices to make and opportunities are presented to you, your map will guide you in making decisions that are in alignment with your purpose.

Life Purpose Reading

A Life Purpose Reading is a reading of your fingerprints which were formed when you were in the womb and never change. This reading will uncover your soul blueprint in 3 key areas – purpose, lesson and school. Your purpose is the essence of who you are. You will need to work with the challenge provided by your lesson in order to fulfill your purpose. Your school is going to colour how you live your purpose. The Successful Businesswoman in the School of Wisdom will have a different way of fulfilling her purpose than will the Successful Businesswoman in the School of Service.

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Full Hand Analysis Reading

A full hand analysis reading includes everything from the life purpose reading plus it adds information about your personality and how that is affecting your purpose positively or taking away from it. If you have special talents, those often show up on the hands in the form of gift markings. These are crucial to know because if you are not using them, you will struggle to live your purpose. The full reading also includes a coaching session to help you make plans for using all the information your hands have provided.

Price: $297 – October Special $197!
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