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Welcome to the Miracle of Money Mentor

  • Do you know you’ve been seeded with greatness?
  • Are you living http://www.binomo-co.in your true heart’s desire and making your living doing work you love?
  • Do you believe whatever you desire is possible for you
    I truly hope you answered yes to all of those questions. I believe they are true and possible for everyone. Unfortunately it took me a lot of years to find that out and I’d like to shortcut the time it takes you if you didn’t answer yes.
    Here are a few more questions to answer:

        • Do you make decisions based on what you desire or what you think you can afford?
        • Do you make decisions confidently and rarely change them? Or do you second guess yourself and change your mind frequently?
        • Do you enjoy the ease of a steady flow of clients? Or do you find yourself wondering where you’ll find the next one?
        • Are your close relationships deep, fulfilling and add to your life? Or do they leave you feeling flat and depleted?
    I’m going to challenge you. If you answered negatively about any one of these questions, then you are not doing as well as you may think in other areas.

    You see, the way you do anything is the way you do everything.


    Now stop and give that last sentence your full consideration. The way you do anything is the way you do everything. Period! Amen!

    So if you think you’re excelling in relationships but sucking at money, your relationships have a greater potential than you realize. Isn’t that great?

    Even if it feels as though everything in your life is awesome, as humans we are designed to be seeking more life.
    More life allows us to contribute to more people.
    More life drives us to be our very best and then some.
    More life is that persistent urge, no matter how great everything is, to be more and do more.

    Look at nature and you see this principle in action. In ideal conditions, a flower grows from a tiny seed into a magnificent bloom before its life is over. The oak goes from a little acorn into a massive oak tree in its lifetime.

    Humans are just the same.

    If you are looking for more money, better relationships, more confidence, a business or career that is fulfilling and uses your unique gifts, I invite you to explore the website and sign up to receive the recording of the Miracle of Money Mindset.

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    I offer programs for people at different levels. The Miracle of Money Mindset Mastery Program is introductory and based on David Neagle’s Miracle of Money Program.

    Your Million Dollar Mission group or individual coaching programs provide the support of my coaching to realize your goals. Check them out and see which one is right for you, your goals and where you are in your life now. If speed is essential to you, start with a VIP day.

    I look forward to supporting you in reaching your income goals.

    Rosemary Heenan
    Windsor, Ontario
    David Neagle Certified Coach, Miracle of Money Mentor

    “I would encourage anyone to consider taking one of Rosemary’s “Miracle of Money Mentor” seminars. I found her presentation intriguing, inspiring and enlightening. It has been months since I attended her seminar and I still find myself revisiting and rediscovering some of the truths she revealed. Attending her seminar will surely introduce you to some fascinating concepts and universal concepts which have the potential to improve your life. All you need is an open mind and the willingness to suspend disbelief –Wishing you continued success Rosemary ! You are an inspiration to us all!” ~ Janice Fantinic